6 Steps to Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor in Lake Charles

POSTED ON: 02/01/2021

Roofs are a large investment for your home.  Hiring the right roofing contractor in Lake Charles, LA can provide you with peace of mind for both a properly installed roof and true professionals in customer service.  So how do you know you are hiring the right team for the job?  Following these six steps is a surefire way to hiring the perfect roofing company for the job.

1. Does the company have the proper licenses for the job?  A proper roofing company in Lake Charles, LA will have a license provided by the State Licensing Board for Contractors.  It is against the law to construct a new roof without the appropriate license.  Requiring the license ensures that companies are knowledgeable about local laws, safety, and roof installation. 

2. Do they carry liability insurance or worker’s compensation?  Louisiana law requires that roofing contractors carry liability insurance.  This protects both you and the company in case of accidents or inclement weather.  Worker’s compensation insurance is also a requirement for any business that employs even one person. 

3. Do they have a history of solid reviews?  With the internet at our literal fingertips, checking for reviews is easier than ever.  Some company websites post testimonials, but other websites, such as Yelp, also make access to reviews easy to find.

4. Does the company have a brick-and-mortar location?  Nothing is worse than having a job partially complete and the contractor not showing up.  A roofing company that operates out of a truck can disappear on you, never to be found again.  If there is an issue or disagreement, a physical location ensures that your roofing contractor in Lake Charles, LA does not intend to run out on the job, leaving you high and dry. 

5. What kind of guarantee does the company offer?  Roofs typically come with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 25-50 years.  A roofing company in Lake Charles, LA that cuts corners will void the warranty on the materials if the roofing isn’t installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines. 

6. Will there be a written proposal for the cost of the job, including materials and labor?  A written contract for the job and agreed upon price reduces the risk of a roofing company increasing the cost after work has already begun.  Knowing what you are investing in your new roof in Lake Charles, LA is tantamount to a smooth roof installation.



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