Avoiding Storm Chaser Roofers after a Hurricane in Lafayette, LA

POSTED ON: 11/01/2020

Louisiana has been particularly hard hit during 2020’s hurricane season.  The storms have come one after the other, with Laura leaving a path of destruction in the western portion of the state.  Delta came weeks later hitting the coast just 12 miles from Laura’s point of landfall.  High winds and the number of storms have wreaked havoc on the state’s roofs, homes, and buildings.  Many homes are in need of roof replacements in Lafayette, LA and roofing companies in Louisiana have waiting lists that keep getting longer. 

After the heavy winds and rain have cleared, predatory “businesses” flood the area and take advantage of the sheer number of people needing assistance.  They have earned the name “storm chasers” and they follow the paths of destruction brought by hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters.  How can you avoid storm chasers and ensure that your new roof is reliable and professional?  There are things to look out for when vetting roofing companies and a little bit of research can help you avoid a roofing disaster.  Local roofing companies in Lafayette, LA will have an established record of clients, a brick and mortar location to view roofing materials and speak to the contractor, a local phone number, and be able to provide reviews from other customers in the area.

On the other end, storm chasers will not have an established record of customers and reviews in the area.  The business name will be newly registered (you can check with your local government) and will typically have been registered just days after the storm has passed through the area.  All of this is easy enough to check, and although you may be put on a waiting list for a local roofing contractor in Lafayette, LA, relying on a local business to replace your roof after a storm will provide you a level of reliability that storm chasers do not have.



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