Choosing the Right Roof for Your Historic Lake Charles Home

POSTED ON: 02/01/2022

The historic district in Lake Charles is full of beautiful Colonial Revival, Eastlake, Queen Anne Revival, and bungalow style homes.  These homes require careful consideration when it comes to roof replacement in Lake Charles, LA, and if it’s a historic landmark home, it will come with specific rules on what can and cannot be done. 

In many historic homes, the roof is a significant part of the home’s architecture and unique character.  These homes are beautiful time capsules, with unique carpentry and attention to detail.  They deserve to be protected from demolition and decay. The best defense against deterioration of historic sites is making sure the roof is stable and leak-free.  When it comes to roof replacement in Lake Charles, LA of historic homes, there are many materials to choose from, but not all will be appropriate for the style of home you have.  Clay tiles for instance are more appropriate for Mission style homes and Romanesque revival homes and would not be appropriate for Victorian or Queen Anne revival homes.  Slate shingles are used for gothic, mansard, and Tudor revival homes.  Both slate and wood shingles are appropriate for bungalow style homes and ranch style homes.  Metal roofing in Lake Charles, LA is appropriate for historic homes both grand and small.  One con of roofing materials, such as clay tiles and slate, is that they are expensive, but their lifetime more than makes up for the initial expense.  Slate roofs in Lake Charles, LA can last for as long as 50-200 years depending on the hardness of the slate.  Hard slate roofs last 75-200 years while soft slate can last 50-125 years.  Clay tile roofs can last 50-100 years.  Whichever material you choose to replace your roof will guarantee your historic home remains beautiful for the next generation.



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