Questions for your Roofing Contractor

POSTED ON: 03/01/2020

When you bite the bullet to invest in a new roof, making sure to hire the right roofing contractor in Lafayette, LA should be first on your list.  How do you find an experienced and knowledgeable roofing company?  Having a list of questions to ask them when they come to look at your residence or commercial space is tantamount to making sure you will be satisfied with the job.  So, what types of questions should you ask?  Here are some general ideas.

Do they have any affiliations or designations within the industry?  Pelican Roofing in Lafayette, LA is an Owens Corning Platinum contractor and an Atlas Diamond contractor and are a Better Business Bureau Integrity award winner for 2019. 

Is there anywhere you can visit to see their work?  It’s not enough to make sure the business has experience.  Ensuring the people installing the roof have the knowledge and skills to do a professional job is key.  Does the business have certification, licensing, and insurance (worker’s comp and liability)?  Making sure the employees will be taken care of if they get injured on your job is important, and making sure the company has backup if they damage existing property accidentally is good business practice and beneficial to you. 

Lastly, checking with the Better Business Bureau to see how the businesses you’ve gotten bids from fare with previous customers is a great way to check their reliability.  Do they have an A+ rating? Do they have complaints against them?  The right roofing contractor can make or break your home, and thoroughly researching your options ensures you get the best contractor for your needs.



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