Roof Replacement in Lafayette, LA: Step by Step

POSTED ON: 09/01/2020

Stay in any home for a long period of time, and eventually the roof will need to be replaced.  The first step to replacing your old roof is to find a professional roofing contractor in Lafayette, LA.  Old, brittle roofing can cause more problems the longer you wait to replace, and calling a reputable roofing company to come in and give you a competitive bid can provide you with an adequate idea of the cost and the process involved.  Once you settle on a contractor and accept their bid, they can give you the date they expect to begin.

Preparing the job site is next and includes a number of things.  Taking the old roof off creates a lot of trash and debris so hiring a dumpster rental is essential.  Your roofing company in Lafayette, LA will also lay down tarps to protect your siding, windows, and lawn from falling debris and bring in ladders and equipment. 

Removing the old roof is essential to ensuring the longevity of your new roof, along with all of the old roofing nails and flashing.  Once the old roofing material is removed, the roofing contractor can get a good look at the structure underneath.  They will search for weakened or rotten spots and replace the decking where needed. 

Once the decking is in prime condition for the new roof, it needs to be prepared for shingles.  Flashing needs to be placed around chimneys and vents and in valleys, and roofing tar or caulk is put in place around vents and chimneys to guard against leaks.  After that, an underlayer of roofing felt is laid down over the roof deck. 

Afterwards, your shingles can be installed.  Your roofing contractor in Lafayette, LA will start from the bottom edge of the roof working upward for proper overlap.  Without that proper overlap the roof will not shed water properly.  Once the roof is shingled, the cleanup process beings.  Having the dumpster removed and using magnets to search the yard for nails complete the job.    



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