Seamless Gutters in Lake Charles: Your Home’s Best Friend

POSTED ON: 08/01/2021

Many people think of seamless gutters in Lake Charles, LA as an accessory to the home, something that is a luxury or a bonus but not a necessity for the health of your home.  In truth, gutters perform many functions that keep your roof and home dry and free of rot and mildew.  Maintaining the gutters is essential as well.  They protect your roof from moisture damage, which may come as a surprise to many people since your roof is supposed to protect your home.  However, your home’s eaves and fascia are susceptible to water damage without gutters or with clogged gutters, as even a slight rain can send a deluge down your roof.  With properly working gutters in Lake Charles, LA, the rainwater is diverted from the edges of your roof and down.  If your gutters have not been cleaned in a while and cannot drain effectively, water can get stuck in them and seep under the edges of your roof and end up in your walls or attic.  This is an especially expensive complication of clogged gutters.  Moisture in the walls and your attic can cause mold, and mold can lead to health problems for the entire family.

Foundation issues on a home are a nightmare for homeowners as they are expensive to fix and if bad enough, can affect the structural integrity of the home.  Seamless gutters in Lake Charles, LA can reduce the risk of foundation troubles and are the home’s primary defense against pooling water.  Without gutters, water pools under the eaves near the home’s foundation and seep into the ground.  This can cause the foundation to settle and potentially upset the structure. 



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