Light Colored Roofs: A 2020 Trend in Roofing

POSTED ON: 07/01/2020


For many years, roofing contractors in Lafayette, LA have stuck to  the tried and true charcoal and black roofing shingles.  While they will never go out of style, there is a new trend on the horizon:  light colored roofs.  Light tan, light grey, light slate blues and pale sage greens: all are colors that can add serious curb appeal if done right.

Light tan architectural shingle roofing adds a wonderful warmth to a craftsman style home or coastal style homes. While intimidating, light tan roofing looks great with dark or medium shade painted siding and adds a wonderful contrast that will make your home stand out.  Light grey and blue are great neutrals that go well with bricks.  Different tones will lend themselves better to orange brick and some will work better with red brick. Laying a sample net to your brick or the house if your home is already built and studying them next to each other at many different times of day can help you decide which works best with the look of your home. Asking your roofing contractor in Lafayette, LA will help too.  They know their roofing materials and have experience placing them on homes of many different colors and styles.

While most people would turn their nose up at pale slate green architectural shingles, ask yourself, would they do the same if the roofing material was clay pot?  Slate green clay pot roofing lends a great historical look to mission style homes for people who want something different from the traditional terra cotta colored roof.  Paired with a light cream stucco exterior and you have got yourself a classical combination that is sure to be in style for decades.



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