Professional Roof Inspection in Lake Charles after a Storm

POSTED ON: 09/01/2021

Hurricane season began a few months ago, and Louisiana knows full well the risks associated with even a minor storm.  Whether or not a future storm is major or minor, having a professional roof inspection done on your home after the storm is a good idea.  Some damage may not be visible to the untrained eye, and having a roofing company in Lake Charles, LA look at your roof can determine what kind of repairs you need, if any, before they cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home or business.

A professional roof inspection in Lake Charles, LA will start by analyzing the stability of your structure’s roof.  Supports will be checked and the roof will be looked at for signs of buckling or favoring of certain positions.  Inspecting the shingles for breakage or loose gravel, as well as to see if any shingles are missing from hard to see areas, will help determine if your roof needs a complete replacement or a simple repair.  If the storm has shaken lose the asphalt gravel on the shingles, it would be a good idea to completely replace the roof as a whole. 

Without a professional roof inspection in Lake Charles, LA, leaks might not be noticeable until the next storm.  By that point, water damage will have made its way into the home and potentially cost you more money in the long run.  Insulation should also be checked for damage if the body of the roof is exposed to determine if the insulation should be replaced.

Pelican Roofing in Lake Charles, LA also handles insurance claims when your roof is damaged by a storm.  A detailed report from the company ensures that you get the funds you need to start repair or replacement as soon as possible.



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